Seminars and Workshops for the Whole School

Our team currently offers the following seminars:


Teaching Skills Seminars

Teaching Methods and Learning Styles
A look at various teaching methods available and how to best use them to give practical input and ideas of how to cater effectively to the variety of learning styles found within a class. Explores different theories of learning. Examines characteristics of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners and how this variety should influence teaching styles.

Healthy School Discipline
A positive approach. How to prevent problems before they occur and how to cope if they still happen. Theory and practical advice relevant to your situation



Communication Skills
What is really being communicated as we teach? Does our communication style and method bring about effective learning? How to best communicate using voice, posture, visual aids and enthusiasm. Practical ideas at how to improve teaching skills through positive communication


Educational Psychology and Student Welfare Seminars

Role of a Teacher
Highlights the importance of a teacher, the effects of a teacher's personality, attitudes and beliefs on the children. Explores issues such as motivation, work ethics, standards and expectations.

Student Welfare and Personal Development
Examines various needs of students and how every teacher can actively seek to understand students and be involved in their care. Helps develop listening skills, an awareness of signs of distress in children/students and approaches to personal development of students.

Special Needs
An overview of special needs, looking at gifted children, those with learning difficulties, disruptive children and disadvantaged children. How to cater more effectively for each child's needs.

Developing a Healthy Self Esteem
This session enables teachers to help students build a healthy self esteem and self confidence. Equips teachers to support students and to recognise symptoms of low-self esteem



Understanding and Tackling issues of Bullying

Explores the root causes of bullying and its effect in students' lives (considering both the bully and victim). Examines approaches for dealing with bullying and changing situations.

Preparing for Examinations
Understanding examination stress and appropriate ways to help and support students. Explores goal-setting and the use of realistic targets. Healthy ways of preparing for examinations as well as preparing for the results.

Helping Students Grow through Change
Views change as a process with positive and negative effects. Equips teachers and parents how to make students aware of the changes they go through in their growing up years. Explores strategies to support students as they cope with change



Most seminars are a half or full day. We also offer training agreements, conducting several trainings at your school over a set period of time. Please contact us for details. See costs for information concerning training fees.


Teaching Skills Seminars

Education Psychology Seminars

and Student Welfare Seminars

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