Resources and Teaching Aids: Display

Clown and balloons
Colourful display item - laminated clown and set of 7 balloons. Cheers up any pre-primary classroom wall. Useful for colour recognition. Can be used with colour word cards.
Clown and balloons
Set of balloons (without clown)
Rs 260/-
Rs 180/-

Dual colour, laminated 10 body part display item. Includes detachable number cards 1-10
Rs 350/-
not available

Date Tags
Sets of 34 (31 days and 3 holiday cards) for use on month charts. Leaf, star or apple shape available. Laminated.

Date Tags
Rs 200/- per set

Lamination Service
Size: up to A3, with or without card backing. Small individual cut out pieces also laminated.

A4 / A3
A4 / A3     for cut pieces
A4 / A3     with backing
A4 / A3     cut & backing
Rs 10 / 20/-
Rs 20 / 40/-
Rs 20 / 40/-
Rs 30 / 60/-

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