We currently offer consultancy in the following areas:

Setting up a New School or Project:
Together we can look at the type of education you wish to provide, the learning environment and resources needed, as well as the training requirements for your teachers. After discussion, if appropriate, we can develop a training agreement to equip your teachers and develop their skills in the first 1-2 years of your school.

Evaluation, Teacher Observation and Feedback:

Review and evaluation are essential processes for ongoing development and progress. Our team are able to visit your school and provide an evaluation report on aspects such as teaching methods, curriculum balance and the school/classroom environment.

We also conduct individual teacher observation and feedback, interacting with the teacher and providing written feedback and suggestions.

Following observation and evaluation, whether with the whole school, a department or with individual teachers, we will then make recommendations for development and suggest possible training seminars appropriate to your situation.


Curriculum Development:
We provide advice in regard to curriculum development and also assist in writing the curriculum, or additional curriculum resources, in consultation with you.

Regular classroom based consultancy:
We provide regular classroom based consultancy, helping teachers to implement new ideas and teaching methods over a period of time. Our team of staff also demonstrate the use of teaching aids, different classroom activities and approaches.

Consultancy Agreement:
Our consultancy agreements enable us to work alongside your school over a set period of time, giving specific input and training to meet the individual needs of your situation.

Please contact us for details.



Whether your school or organisation is new or well established, Destiny Education consultancy services can provide support and expertise to help your school continue to develop and to fulfil its aims.